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Intro to Advanced Manufacturing and Invention

Fist of all I won't be discussing actual game mechanics here. There are plenty ofguides that will explain to you how to create invention jobs or how to set up a pos.This site will focus on how use that mechanics to make billions per month. If yourEVE adventure just stared, I must disappoint you - you probably will need to stickto mining and PI to make your first billion. The setup described below will costyou about 500 million (without a freighter), and will take a couple of months tofully skill up. Which of course doesn't mean that you can apply parts of it to still make some profit!

Manufacturing in EVE is a numbers game. You need to be smart because unlike mining you can loose money as easily as you can earn it. The advantage of it is that you cando it 24/7, even during downtime, while only logging in for half an hour every day to update your slots. However to achieve this level of efficiency you will need to invest some isk into a setup that will allow you to mass produce your items.

You may ask, why mass produce? A good item, with high chance of being sold in the numbers that you can produce will probably earn you about 500k isk per hour. Doesn't sound like much, does it? And indeed you won't get much if you just fire off batches from time to time. But let's see how the numbers add up, 500k per hour is 12 mil per day, with 10 slots we get 120 mil per day, which is 3.6 bil per month - good enough to pay for all your plexes,and all that from just 30-60 minutes of play per day.

Shopping list

Invention vs Manufacturing

You may have noticed that I included labs for invention jobs. This is because overall invention is likely to be more profitable for you than manufacturing.This is mainly because of the fact that eve economy suffers from massive overproduction and if you start churning out T1 items you will end up quicklywith an amount that you cannot sell without going below profit margin. Advantage of manufacturing is that it is light setup-wise, you can run it offpublic slots in station and you don't need a POS at all. If you are a new player, or you don't really want to focus on max profits, this is a very goodopportunity.

POS - Your base of operations

To run 10 slots consistently you are going to need a highsec POS. There is no way round it. You won't find enough public copy slots in high or low sec to run invention jobs, and nullsec is far too impractical for an everyday commute.If you don't have the standing required to anchor a POS, search the forums orask around, there are plenty of people who will create a corp with good standings, for a price of course.

Closeness to jita is an advantage too. You will need to take your items thereto sell them, they won't sell fast enough in local hubs. A medium POS will cost you about 5-6 mil per day in fuel, which you will be able to recoup easily, even running at half of the capacity.

Heavy lifting - freighter

Owning one is a huge advantage in manufacturing. Their primary advantage issecurity. You can easily transport a bil worth of product in them withouta fear of getting ganked. The other advantage is obviously their cargo bay,which will come in very handy if you choose an item that is rich in tritanium.If you don't have a freighter alt yet, you can make-and-do using courierservices. RedFrog really stands out in this area, however there are othersthat will do the job for less. If you choose this option your primary problemwill be scheduling everything so that you don't have to wait for a delivery with empty slots.

And one last advice - Time Is Money!