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Welcome to Eve Market Guide - How to make a bil per week from invention

I decided to create this website because of lack of advanced level guides for manufacturing and invention. It is aimed at people who are running 10 slots 24/7. If you are interested in just shooting off a batch or two every two weeks, then it will be of limited use to you.

If you are one of "I mine my minerals so I can't make a loss" then please, just go away and continue whatever you are doing, I don't want to break the livelihood of Eve's recyclers.

On the other hand if you are commited to avoiding the grind then read on to at last make that billion a week that you were aiming for. If you are new to the manufacturing game I would recommend staring from the Intro to Manufacturing guide, on the other hand if you already have a setup capable of running 24/7 then have a look at Time is Money where I outline why saving time is as important as saving materials.